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About e-Survey :


e-Survey is a system that create and manage multiple web based surveys inside a single box. Features of this e-Survey are:

The system contains the following modules :

  1. User Admin.
  2. Survey Admin.
  3. Questionaires Generator.
  4. Survey Notification.
  5. Report.

The basic functions of e-Survey are :

  1. A system wide administrator can create survey administrators.
  2. Each survey administrator can create more than one survey.
  3. Surveys are conducted within a period that is dictated by the survey administrator.
  4. The survey is started automatically at the start date and ends at the end date.
  5. For a particular survey, survey administrator can create unlimited number of questions.
  6. Question can be in the form of:
    1. Short answer
    2. Essay
    3. Multiple choice (unlimited answers)
    4. Rating
    5. True / false
    6. Yes / no
  7. Survey administrator can impose rules for the answer with respect to the question created. Some of the rules are:
    1. This question must be answered
    2. The answer must be at least n number of characters
    3. The answer must be not more than n number of characters
    4. The answer must be alphabetical only
    5. The answer must be numeric only
    6. The answer can be alphabetical and numeric too
  8. Survey administrator can create a list of responders to answer the surveys.
  9. Survey administrator can email the responders notifying about the survey that she wants the responder to answer via a single notification page
  10. Survey administrator can track who has not answer the survey
  11. Survey administrator can send a reminder to the responder in order to alert them that they have not respond to the survey
  12. Each survey has the following reports:
    1. Answered question analysis
    2. Answers analysis per question
    3. bar chart analysis for some type of questions
    4. pie chart analysis for some type of questions
  13. Each report can be printed
  14. Each report can be exported to CSV file format which is editable under Microsoft Excel.

Contact information :

Enquiries, Comments & Suggestions, please e-mail to umesurvey[at]um.edu.my

Kindly use the Aduan ICT system if you have any reports/feedback/complaints regarding this application. Click here :http://helpdesk.um.edu.my


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